i don't get along with myself, and i'm not too keen on anyone else

woke up early crack of noon. crawled from bed to bathroom washed my face looked in mirror hair scattered and brushed my teeth. i shimmied down the halls and plopped a careful plop into the living room. everyone who went to bed later than me was up already. this is an odd feeling that borders on laziness. or it seems to feel that way. i noticied they were watching nonsense on the screen and jabbering about bellyaches and frogs they'd kissed that had failed to turn to princesses. this is the way of things around here. usually i would be all too keen to join them but today i just wasn't up for it. i also realized just how rediculus i sound at times.

it never fails to amaze me how quickly the light goes from yonder to wander when the face you've shown is projected back at you. it is all well to know.

feel good. careful. light stepped. and graceful as a god. it makes things matter less but seem all the more enchanting. if i could marry a day it would be today.

listened to morrisey early on. first song of the day: wide to recieve.

the first song of the day is so tragically important for me. it truley seems to shape my day, not in mood, but in need of voice for the rest of the sunup sundown before the all-over-again.

so i'll leave you with this little bit of steven's world and the part that bled into my careful lungs at first sight of light today.

"and i don't get along with myself, and i'm not too keen on anyone else."

-steven morrisey

2002-09-15 | 8:38 p.m.
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