(2) [1000] ways (in) [out]

i know it's always
something for some
people who just
wade and watch
life go dazzling by

there's always a little
dry-eyed moment
right before the
surrender comes

(it doesn't matter what they're giving up on)

it's always some
little thing that breaks
them out and turns
them, looking,
to the street for anything
else that might be out
there that
might not
offer some sense of
perfection like golden
ratios or superstring theory
but never far enough
to really test the damn

for some people
the math always says

and there's always
two ways into a thing
like this:

you're the next passing
train who gets jumped
on because you're close
(crimes of proximity)
you're a far off star
that shimmers and
breaks off sunlight
from your skin
and so they come.

the ways in lack mystery
it's really in the ways
out that artistry comes
calling and
for some people this
is the only art there is,
the only art they know
or care about at all.

2008-01-17 | 11:30 a.m.
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