(30) memories of (4) people

started a long stroll backwards in time, a momentary segue into the land of remembering and so i wanted to point out a few things:

i remember waking with my arms in my sleeves because i slept on the couch by the window when we stayed up too late drinking and dancing

i remember taking turns on who got to put in the next album. we each had such wonderful lists of things to put on.

i remember your long monologue about how modest mouse was like the grateful dead

i remember walks through tennis courts talking about how nice the hawaiin sun is

i remember sitting on the playground talking about what had needed talking about for so long

i remember sliding a notebook through your car window while you worked

i remember picking up the book with your scrawled notes about whatever came to mind

i remember finding your mind so fascinating

i remember indian food on hangover mornings

i remember that skirt with the sequins

i remember finding sequins all over the house for a year afterwards

i remember how we could exist in the same room without feeling the need to talk

i remember sitting beneath the lights in late-night coffee shops laughing about everything

i remember starlight phone calls to tell me about some random detail of your day

i remember crayons on tabletops

i remember the last time i saw darla play

i remember your secrets

i remember the afternoons spent watching you work

i remember dark beers in dark bars

i remember long drives to don cab

i remember going to pick you up at work with a drive-thru cup full of beer waiting for you

i remember incense in the evenings

i remember you waking me with midnight confessions

i remember you not being allowed around me

i remember coffee and books

i remember circles around the parking lot and phone calls on cell phones

i remember buying you a buckley record and never giving it to you

i remember remembering you

i remember remembering you remembering me

i remember

there's always a candle burning

2008-01-15 | 1:58 p.m.
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