afterwards: arms alive and you're always waking further along faster than the coldest edges of the sea- i am counting down your days and maybe some of them are wasted and maybe some of them are safe and fading but i want more than easy for you i want more than fading for you from you i want great unending tide sessions that come forth and swallow you -bended mind unwound-

(you are on your way to the sea)

carrying you off to some long gone palace in the sun where every beach is one more sanded path to rest upon so you can age only in the brightly lit memories and feel certain only of the motions of the moon

(you are the crests of the wave)

afterwards: slow and leaning grooves that arch their way over doors and into changing rooms where every fantasy of a certain kind unfolds

these are the strange ways of time-

and certainly soon enough you'll be there laughing and crying somehow watching the world spin on and on and on dreaming only of the evenings and the moments after

(that's where you are for me; undying, unchanged)

so i smile long-drawn smiles and tilt my head a little to see you

and you are only footsteps from the sun where you're always stepping out of the sea to smile at me waiting on the shoreline...

2008-02-11 | 3:12 p.m.
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