a little about a girl i knew

i knew a girl
who sighed in movies
at romantic parts
but never let anyone
near her never let
anyone around to
smile next to her
or walk with
when walking means
more than just
from here to

i knew a girl
who liked songs about
heartbreak but never
had any of her own
to bear
or good stories to get
drunk to

i knew a girl
who made a point
of always painting
pictures of two people
together but never
spent a day as
a model for her own

i knew a girl
who always wanted
the wind to blow
while she rode off
down the road into
the sunset
but she never liked

i knew a girl
who didn't know herself
and probably still doesn't
but i know she still
likes sappy love songs
and sad jazz ceremonies
and drinks a glass or three
of wine before
going to bed.

i knew a girl
that made me smile
and made me sad
at the same time
and those are so often
the most interesting ones
there are.

2008-01-16 | 2:01 p.m.
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