amp and lighter

Iím not tied hands now that youíre not tied down now that youíre not tried out tired out loud now you get so sad and sappy when youíre drunk old friend (you sing the saddest songs) but people only want to cry so much before sighs come and letís leave love out of this and just be two people sitting here talking nonsense bragging about things we never did and getting drunker by the minute you get the idea you get the gist of course, donít you?

Just keep it clean keep it clear what we want what we need is just a breath or two to hold onto and what we need is just a minute to catch our breath and then back out there in the world (one hard way away)

Itís easier in the rain to be the way we are the way we were when each new day was one more chance to get the thing down before the dried up days wasted away and here we are like sand with storms and falling for any little thing that comes along we say we try to stay so slow and sliding along the rails of life, between days we arenít as fine of friends arenít as fond of french girls as we used to be like so many other things, right?

So, old friend, while waiting here, letís have too many drinks and stand feeling upside down tumbling around and miss the alarm clock (each of us in our beds) tomorrow youíll be just as certain as me but hey, letís leave love out of this and just relax with john and miles and jimi now

We donít need to hear about each otherís failures anymore.

2005-07-31 | 4:35 p.m.
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