last night you chased down my dreams
and climbed into them crawling
around on the insides of my eyelids
i saw you standing next to me
at the home of your family
smiling awkwardly trying to bridge
some strange indecipherable distance
between me and them. you were
unflailing, beautiful, shining

last night you chased down my dreams
and collapsed inside them
curled up small and safe,
tiny but not fragile
somehow stronger for it
somehow a model of feminine strength:
uncertain, emotional, majestic

last night you chased down my dreams
and crept within them
we walked down long hallways
tossing banter that's faded now
but you were smiling and i felt
the way trees do when a breeze comes
just so and dances with the leaves:
slight and soaring, perfect

last night you chased down my dreams
and curtseyed your way right down
into me tapdancing your soft red beauty
onto the wall of my forehead
(to see you always)
marching slowly onward in your
mother's home telling me some
silly story about something your sister
said -i had longsince lost all skills but smiling-
and you turned back to ask me
a question that crinkled your brows
and sung sadness upon them

but i lost the question before i woke.

there aren't enough apologies in germany
to cover the cost of forgetting.

2006-11-10 | 8:46 p.m.
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