beautiful relationships are hard to find. beautiful people are not.

just now, in the dark corner of the room where my desk is (dark because the light is off), a guy showed me a strip of pictures of him and his girl and I couldn’t help but smile. They look so happy together. which is strange because he’s describing to me how things are funky. When the penny drops it turns out the pictures are like a week old. Not a year old, not months old, but a week.
I remember when I thought badass girls were a dime a dozen. I remember when I though silly things like “I could do better than her” or, “what if there is a better girl out there somewhere?” I remember feeling stupid every time I realized it wasn’t true. I remember every time I came to the realization that good girls are pretty rare and worth holding onto. I mean, a thing goes wrong, a thing goes wrong, there’s nothing to be done about it, but to damn something that seems (granted, from the outside, but also to hear him tell it) so wonderful and beautiful over male insanity syndrome.
I hope he’s smart about it. Beautiful relationships are rare. Beautiful people are not.
I should ask him if it’s cool if I post the strip. Anonomously of course. It would be cool to see what everyone else thinks about it.

2004-10-22 | 11:27 a.m.
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