your evening blue dress world

i remember watching you
from some small distance
you were smoking clove
cigarettes dressed in blue.

it might have been
the shape of your lips
that night, the curve
at the corners of your
mouth that made
me a little dizzy
but returning to your side
i suddenly felt drunk
and wanted more
than anything to lay
beside you at dawn
whispering because
it's still a little dark
and whispering is for the dark

and maybe it was
the only time i saw you
that way or thought
about the parts of you
that are tender to the touch
or imagined your breaths deepening
but it was enough
just to
have had a seedy sort
of affair in my mind
i didn't need to know
what you tasted like
beyond a vague notion
based mostly
on the way you smelled
that night, and, really,
every night after it.

2008-02-27 | 5:17 p.m.
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