carpark songs

in the carpark, dreams come true
and i stand, watching a woman
walk across the blacktop.
her arms are bent around her
and her hands have found
a home in her back pockets
her face is turned and tilted
upwards, like she's just checking
with the sky to see if it came
up with any more answers,
to ask if it's ready to
tell the whole story

and i know then
that if i was the sky
i'd give her everything
she was asking for
and more

(there is no resisting her)

even as me, i know
i've never seen her before
and i'll probably never
see her again

but for those two minutes
while she made her way into
whatever doorway she's made
her future, i kept thinking about
how good it is to see moments
like this about how much
better life is when you're
paying attention

and i am

and so i fall a little bit in love with her
and let her wander off into the mystery
that is her life.

(not every experience must be mine.)

and i smile because i'm here
and you're here and all of us
get to see all of this,
get to bounce through it.

2008-02-18 | 9:29 a.m.
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