celebrations in the sun

these stone-cold mornings
shift mountain ranges
and break the edge of day
into me, unwinding fingertips
tap away and sigh...

then this:

the light cracks me open
hey, days are bright and flowing
these arch-eyed clouds
leave me with no dust
yet to settle
no mud to shake from my feet

i am the bounding side of buildings
i reach for the sky and touch you

so the warmth washes over me
the lines of shrubs dance
and i am here to celebrate
this strange earth morning.
again alive, the turning of the
great rock through nothing

why aren't you dancing too?

you know this dance,
this life, as always,
belongs to you, sent c.o.d.
from the sun
burnt out and re-lit
the candle of crazy cravings

(it will always be relighting itself somewhere.)

and you already know how
settling down isn't worth much
and laughter eats ailments.
but these are days where
wide swings smile banners
and soon we know
this life is ever-changing
and i want to change it up
with you and you want to
change it up with me
and we need to slide the
sky open so we can parachute
through sadness and sweet,
but dire song structures.

we are easing out into the light
where every shining stone
reveals itself to me

and soon you'll see
just how bright the morning
is just how rare the
chance to dance
one more mist
of morning dew off
our feet and
outwards is

i am listening to the
songs of trees
and the undying love of
light for shade
of good for bad
of tall for small
and all of us are just
one more mismatch
stuck together to
celebrate in the sun

where are your lonely dark thoughts?
let's undo them, let wild trembling fingers
swallow you and take the trip
that always leads here
always back here and more
than anything
it's where you belong.

after all,
when the last star falls, what will you miss?
what will you wish you'd done or smiled about?

2008-02-25 | 2:24 p.m.
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