oh, just like charlie kaufman films alive

we are the insides of moments (like charlie kaufman films) and that's how that's the way it used to be should be still is always is i'm trying to say that in phrases that make more sense than madness but everything today is rambles dribbles out andbut i'm shotting it up the way it comes out the way it comes down and that's about all anyone can ask of themselves (a little honesty now and then)

so maybe that's how stories get told as they jumble out i remember bill burroughs in the back of a hay truck sipping whisky to keep warm, i remember hunter thompson screeching a few new unlikely lines down and then they both fell away...

is any of this coming out sensible?

it's funny an odd thing really how this has so often become a warm up page for when i want to really work and i come here and rant nonsense gibberish the slightest feelings or whims broken out and bounced down and then once the words fall flowing free with whispy eyes and harrowed hallowed out madcap senses and you know just what i mean...i turn the page over and get to work.

2005-07-31 | 2:37 p.m.
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