cover to clear and back

standing on the corner, the sun crests
over the mountains and suddenly
the streets, finally free of snow's steps
courtesy of the long winds and high suns
of the days till now, but then, you wake
and find that every little street is bursting
with new snow, sparkling and crunching
it's way into your heart

and like anything else, you can watch
and think how crude it is that it clears
just to cover again and how hard life
is because of these things, but really
it's just what is: there is no more to it.

streets clear to fill, skies cover to clear
and we keep rolling that rock up the hill

and how fine it is that there are such
strange goings-on at every corner
but, really, what do you see?

2008-01-25 | 10:06 a.m.
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