variations on a dark star dawn

some easy times just slide across us watching clouds underline the mountains -these whitewashed days- and everything feels just right every time sometimes you get so tired so weak and worried over every little other day that comes or might come (your eyes are never easy) that every perfect sea of calm just slithers off

your busy breakneck speed afternoons and traffic jam lifestyles water you down

but sometimes it's so smooth so sly that each and every little detail falls away: you're a picture of peace and you're all arms and legs but nothing slows you down from your float along float alone watch the world ways that make life worth something make life interesting and fluid

(it's time to fill glaciers with your slow gaze) and bring back bring back bring back the laugh away the easy way the way it was supposed to be the way it was supposed to happen (life-watching is home)

just moving in and out in and around the lazy days the wasted minutes spent just being here just laughing here just knowing it will all be how it wants to anyway: there's no need to break the tide; it will settle on it's own and you know that of course you know that but how often do you live that way? how often do you feel that way?


even now, the storm marches on and sometime it'll be your day to be under it but not now not here you needn't board the windows until it's on it's way you needn't turn to disaster relief just yet-

today is for sunrises and cloud movements and dry air mornings the sparkle of snow on the ground, the crunch, the singular crunch and crush of snow beneath your feet-

today is for walks by the river nods to friends and silent admission that life needn't be better still couldn't be better still this is how it all gets so sweet just here walking and watching every breeze is magic every sound from a backyard is great new discovery everything is alive always everywhere and how often you've missed it but now you can settle in and see settle down and see the stars come to life watch the waves settle or the trees rustle about and finally know just this once: living is here, waiting for you.

2008-01-12 | 11:12 a.m.
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