dayshaper's lament

at some point,
you find yourself
reworking yourself
find yourself
rewriting the code
that wrote you
trying to

at some point,
you wake to see
yourself, a dayshaper
and winding ways
around you

you are the father of afterthoughts

and so sometimes
you come to,
another dayshaper
in the breeze and
can't help but wonder
why it's best to
rise at all

one in a billion
make it so much further
to go just by being,

but even then,
you find yourself
waiting in another
room, getting ready
to dayshape and you're
so often too tired to go
and i can see why

but even so,
it was worth knowing
how nice the days you shaped were
and always will be
for me.

2008-01-21 | 11:11 a.m.
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