the brief geography of delight

as it happens,
today is bright and full of color
the roads are squishing out
bits of snow and splashing
them onto the curb
where walkers play
the step-around or
be drowned game

and dogs follow sidewalk patterns
with their better eyes
(they know where they move)

children are on the
climbing wall in the park
and games of tag
transpire everywhere

there is a sense that time is opening

we are, so much of the time,
falling out of days and
scratching our heads at
how quickly they pass

but life is everywhere
and now

so i cross through the park
and slide my key into the mailbox
watching for another dark star
that may or may not come today

and knowing:
it's only afterwards
that we mean things
most of the time
only after-ways that
we think about how
sweetly the seconds
fit together.

while everything is happening
and we are watching it go
unaware that anything at all
is happening

some good fortune falls
and we are unnecessary
for the passing of days
we are not needed
in the way we want to be

and how free that makes us
to spiral out into frenzies of delight

after all, every delight is everywhere always.

2008-01-24 | 11:00 a.m.
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