dice and happy

and so: early years spent waiting watching hints of something to come and turn itself over a pastry made of life and gatherings done with and over and upside down inside of moments is where i need most to be-

there's these stories of you: you like strange eastern sunsets or you like old vacant parisian buildings or you like clouds and passing by: there is only one place going to another anyway.

and i take the stories take the time to right it up work it out twist the truth out and rest with them sitting casually on the bed sitting casually on the floor (it's so much closer to perfect from the floor).

but this is what it's like in my dreams: odd versions of untold tides coming in and going out rendered magical by mos def records and mystery skies i'm laying under just fold up and open to finer worlds and spring outwards onto finer earths no more curious tribal patterns and my home is best your home is worst my god is better than your god (no more ego management) and i know most of all -past the dreams of you- that it's coming: the dice are rolling.

2006-08-08 | 4:00 p.m.
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