drastic/beautiful '08

the morning is crisp,
unbitten by solar flares
and every watching world
is coming to wake
and sigh beneath it

the cloud-lines are sharp
and etching their way
into the minds of men
and women on the street
picking up the morning

mornings like this:

large mountains and
breaking sun coming
to haunt the fields and
parking lots nearby

and watching, i feel
at least a little like a
documentarian, shooting
footage with my eyes
marking scenes with
the insides of my eyelids
and noting which moments
mean more than others

i have come,
on days like this,
to understand the
workings of the wind
the secrets of the pasture
and even more of the
bright old legends
that shape the day;
this day your day
to shine my day to fly
our day to walk along
in the only way that

we are mostly only mornings anyway,

2008-01-21 | 10:42 a.m.
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