everyday, i

the great stillness in me over the past few months has revealed itself as a filtering down period. the dust of shackles shaken off is falling away and i am left with only the sight to see my own misunderstandings. every day i am unlearning things.

the weight of old karma is lightening- i am growing outwards in every direction as fast as coral, but just as strong. these days are the insides of eyelids the sad songs of old worries old days spent breaking down the mad math of a life lived calculating (in from out, up from down)

every change now is suddenly slow.

so when, in drives down dallas' draining streets (aching from the rain whipping down) i find strange understandings unearthing themselves (the way things come they go and i am dropping low and slow certainly just as good as anything), i smile wide as canyons broken open.

(frantic-ness dries up)

and i am certain of so few things that i am unable to unknow.

this is how life is happening now: stretching out stares into the skyline and it's just as sure as comments from strangers as lies from friends as theft and treachory and i am open so wide i cannot be contained by sunsets or seascapes.

every day i am unlearning things. everyday i am unlearning. everyday i am. everyday i. everyday.

2006-03-12 | 1:05 a.m.
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