florida changed everything

so she says and i say and she says and we say the things that make worlds come in like cloud fronts funny-eyed and turning. there aren't patterns to be had. so she says and i say and she says and we say the changing of days and seasons wraps mornings up but late nights don't fade and why should they?

and then its ways in and ways out an exchange of imageries and confusions of various points a twisting through the fun life waves that ease us out and settle us in.

these are certainly smiles.

so the inside of it is sometimes more mysterious than cloud formations and more exciting than falls down hills just waking and watching and this is how we build the smiles that take us through.

and pages we're on used to be a question but maybe florida changed all that or maybe it's laughing between the dark note seriousness a kind of magical ability to shift between gears and sometimes someone can ride that train with you.

life in the bar car watching hills pass and fade.

and the turns are almost always the fastest parts the parts you're never sure of that no one anywhere has a map through but maybe the darkness fades in florida maybe the darkness fades from boy shorts and coy comments more than any shining sun or breathing star a hundred thousand life-years away.

but it's good to be here.

2008-03-02 | 11:13 a.m.
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