your strange happiness song arrangements

when gone bounce gets easy you sigh dry-eyed but sly tongue of yours stretches the truth to it's limits. so you say you say it happens to be the best way to live because it's your way and you think that makes it better, but really, how fine is your life?

your strange happiness song arrangements bear all the weight of unhappy childhoods, a lack of love for the mysteries, and a down-trodden sense of how it is to be how it happens when you're alive and kicking drumming around calling shadows moons and showdowns conversations but all your conversations turn to showdowns and you always know the only true thing for you is that you must be right.

in exchange, you give up happiness.

in exchange, you give up happiness and think
because you're here because you were told your way was the best by people only going your way it seems so clear so easy to see that you are and must stay must leach on before you fall into that dense world of strange problems but bright lights and there'll be no bright lights for you, right?

you want only yesterday's monuments to pain to stand want only your bone-dead old analogies to hold because it's all you've got and without it you're nothing.

at least you think so.

so maybe all i do is shed a little light on the lies drop a little footpath pattern consciousness on you for you to chew on and most likely spit out but so what?

you needn't be me.

don't be me.

what i'm talking at is that you can be you with your own ideas of brilliance, your own beauty-count and everything else that makes life lovely and sweet.

you needn't be a prince for the dark world where every dream is lost where every possibility is underwritten by hopelessness and everything is always wasting away and

that's how so many of you are, your friends.

wake to the morning and admire: the world has turned over again and you are still floating-

can't that be enough?

2008-01-23 | 9:00 a.m.
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