how i made millions smoking cigarettes for a living

sometimes in life, we are party to one of those moments when you’re thinking about something for most of the morning and then it turns out someone else is dealing with basically the same thing and you’re lucky enough to be able to point out what occurred to you about it. I had one of those the day before yesterday. a guy walks into my office complaining about some customer issue and I told him to come outside with me while I had a cigarette. We walked out there and I was quiet for a minute, lighting and enjoying the smoke, but then I pointed to a shrub nearby and told him how the leaves of that plant trap and convert sunlight into food and how plants need water and miraculously, it rains sometimes to accomplish just that and how, bees fly from flower to flower looking for what they need, but while they’re doing it, there are carrying what is basically sperm from one flower to another and helping, without meaning to, the flower to continue on through it’s offspring on this big dust-ball of a planet and then I asked him how, with all this going on at once, we could reasonable expect everything to fall perfectly into place at any one time. I mean, how much is going right, and we get bent out of shape about some little thing that goes wrong, it’s silly. All of this is basically what I came back to when I was frustrated about some thing or other a few hours earlier. it's funny how your problems turn out to be as stupid as everyone else's.
The weird thing is that, like my problem, his took him a minute and a half to fix. I say we’ve got it easy, all things considered.
and yes, i do regularly freak people i work with out by being a total nutcase.

2004-10-22 | 12:36 p.m.
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