my love affair with the hwy. 635

this one eyed slab of land: i'm drenched all the time and so often crawling outwards. so in the later end of last night, a quiet fourth as far as celebrations go, coltrane and i sitting back and wasting away.

suddenly struck was i with the desire to drive just drive drive out and down and back up around you know the way don't you? i mean, haven't you ever had it like that with all the heartaches and bellyaches (worst of all your own) and gentle nights and here continued my long love affair the with the 6-3-5 highway down down to nowhere at all and then back.

on the way back i caught site in the distance of a fireworks display to my left and watching it grow as i got closer i saw a second one just ahead chased by a third and fourth. i reached my exit (being the one where home is) and flipped the bitch heading the other way and sure enough, another one, then two, then three. i lost count at five this way watching the whole sky explode on all sides while (ironically, accidently) explosions in the sky ranted on in the background and hearing my thoughts ramble..."look what we can do...just look what we can do..."

i have discovered one more of those tiny secrets that make one so in love with a city.

2005-07-06 | 12:42 a.m.
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