itunes real

oh, youíre so itunes real
scant as scurry-birds
one long dream to anywhere
youíd rather be which is anywhere
but here with me.
(songs play and you sigh)
we are all searching for a better way
to get through
itunes beautiful and anything
at all is possible when you smile
anything at all is possible
when eyes water and
we know which songs are responsible
for the better part of us
and what to do about them
about making everything less
itunes real, less
itunes shiny and less
itunes alive.
Letís move on
from the songs and stories
certain as old hills
and live the way we want
without the words or willpower
to draw the water from the desert.
I can count, if youíre willing
a hundred ways to make you laugh
and we can fall away just like
we always did and just like
we were before all the
sad songs shimmering through
every day and every night that broke us
down and left us waiting on something
better than anything we could ever have.
Letís start over, shall we?

2004-10-22 | 12:54 p.m.
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