greetings from the ghost of johnny moss

there's an old story about johnny moss complaining to his wife about all the bad beats he was taking at the card table. finally, his wife, tired of hearing the stories, retorted "why don't you just bad beat them back?". johnny said, "are you crazy!? i don't put my money in without the best hand!"

tonight was like that. i played a perfect tournament. sliced through a couple hundred players like they were nothing. then it gets down to the final five. i had more chips than the rest of the table combined. suddenly, a guy sucks out on me. then another guy does, then another, then another. i'm not exagerating. i just counted the hand history. i was sucked out on 43 times by the final five. 12 times just in heads up alone. luckily i was playing so much better than everyone else i still took second with a nice prize pool. seriously, i've taken my share of bad beats, but this was insane. i was losing hands where i was an 11:1 favorite like they were nothing. it was unreal.

you should know. i only sucked out on people 3 times during the entire tournament. that's how well i played.

anyway, johnny's ghost was with me. i just needed to vent a bit.

hope you're well.

2006-12-12 | 3:42 a.m.
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