a kaleidoscope remix

in dreams you come glowing back to me riding a pale punk horse across the sand and i've aligned more planets than you could ever know (this life passes so furiously).

these days are only burnt embers grazing a fire across my life of fields and faded dream daybreaks: the flesh of your labia and the trembling of your body through tears (there are no more unkind things to be said) and the sun drenches us in clean air without afterthought or grainy orange film sequences.

we are all smiles at this point, and all the folding crumpling pages are only a backdrop to the taste of your wrist and the smell of your long work sweat. your laughter leaves voids.

in dreams you come shining back in a winter storm unknown dances in your step and you're easy (so fucking easy) to laugh away.

2008-01-30 | 1:52 p.m.
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