oh lord, don't let the waves set in

we are all not holy nights stripped ranging free form verseless waging crime-wars against our own lives (live this way once and you can never go back).

how many tries come inside?

so i count standing fairly close to nothing end up bouncing these thoughts off air and back to me from knees to eyes and back to toes and through you (whoever you are wherever you are whatever you are: what you are, we are)

it's late now, but not so late that days don't fade and eat us all away.

i'd like to be more than holy nights and memories, more than sunshine on hillsides or wind through your hair, across your face

i am before you behind you around you within you and growing growing because it is the only way to live one day to the next larger than the one before taller than skyscrapers more undone than oceans and all the time in the world won't wait on me won't wait on you we just have to go on (there is only this way and none other)

like orange county nights slow drifting in the mind one time one time one more fucking time but lord, don't the let the waves set in (we'll all be undone)

2005-08-08 | 11:04 p.m.
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