the way love laughs and you

those looks uncover days
from their early archway nightmares
and set them out in the sun
to soak

every effort is like
watching the turning
of your head into
crowds and that look
that says: i am the sea.

those looks (of yours)
uncover afternoon delights
and break down the meanings
of films unseen by the
general population

making spot and jane stories
of the deepest rivers of knowledge.

and so, when you turn
and shake out that look
in the direction of some
lonely old soul, you say
"this is the way love laughs,"
and walk their way
to turn their sunsets into sunrises

and maybe that's why
most of them fall
in love with you, fall
headfirst into your
perfect storm eyes
wanting only to be
nearer and nearer to you
closer and closer to that
way your looks lean on them
making heroes out of hiroshima
lives left a long long while
ago to wither away.

but you're strange eyebrow
glance brings back to life
the dead dreams and suddenly
every life is a christmas tree of
shining lights
(a celebration of certainty)
and you do it
for nearly everyone who
needs or wants it.

2008-01-21 | 11:45 a.m.
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