lovesong for purchase new york

as far as i can tell,
they no longer exist
(no longer walk the halls
or echo through breezeways).

once, they laid down tracks
subtle and direct, an arching
map through space
(the very sounds of being alive
and breaking)

but as far as i can tell
they are longsince too grown over
with weeds and wine now
to carry on
-one more story of the stretched
skies of music and how it always
always falls and you sometimes
are under it when it happens

so today, what with the songs
long and on - leaning out to me
"give us all a chance"
and you do sometimes you did
sometimes often for me
and there are no other requests
to pass along to you.

it'd be nice if you were all
still around and kicking
out new tracks to break the moon
once more with the way you
broke it once before for me
the way i know you still could
the way you are supposed to

but as far as i can tell
you're all gone now
blown away in a few gusts too
small for countdowns.

2006-05-05 | 1:37 p.m.
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