the casual tale of love's rebirth

the way you can't see
the stars in the day
but you know
their warmth so well

the way you see
the moon so far off
but know it's pull
makes tides turn

even if you can't see it

the way you can't sell air
but you know it
keeps you standing
the way it always will

even if you forget to want it

the way the breeze
needn't be acknowledged
for cooling a hot day
the way it won't be

the way it no longer
needs to be

even if you don't crave it

the way the ground carries
you because that's it's nature
because it hasn't any other ideas
of what to do with a day
because just what it does
is all the need it has

even when you're not paying any attention

the way the sun would never
choose to not shine on you

the way rain would always
fall to clear your eyes

the way the fire warms
because your next to it

the way rivers run
toward the sea and
never look back

this is how i love you, now.

2008-01-16 | 2:15 p.m.
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