mornings this way

mornings this way
remind me of schoolbooks
and backpacks, bus rides.

mornings this way
take me back to songs
sung while pulling
shirts over heads
and stepping into

mornings this way
bring back waking
next to a beautiful
woman and smiling
my way back to sleep

mornings this way
light up long-dark
daydreams about
finding the spark
that set the sky in

and blueprints to that effect.

mornings this way
set cups of coffee
on counters and
lights cigarettes
while watching my
breaths mist up the

mornings this way
unwind wrappers from
new york times and
clock out the crossword
in ink

mornings this way
wrap me up and show
me endless days
and ways to keep staying
keep sliding along
because anything can happen, right?

and i want to be here for it.

2008-01-21 | 10:58 a.m.
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