ring around the finger, an overly pale girl sits alone in a chair in front of the bookstore and i sit down next to her, mostly because there arenít any other seats but also because she looked lonely and for a little while she sat there and told me about her new husband and how she thought he had already cheated on her and asked me what i thought and i told her what i thought and then i went inside to get something to drink and when i came out she was gone. i hope things work out all right. these days, our feelings are mixed breeds between love and hate all the time. Emotional mulattos, the lot of us, and secretly/mostly, just to amuse ourselves.
So I said a little something under my breath that came out like a prayer to her for her and I hope it got there. Itís tragic to be so young and so miserable, especially at the beginning of something that is supposed to be the hallmark for beautiful things in life.
So for you, random lonely sad girl at the bookstore: I hope things work out. Try not to take suspicion so seriously.

2004-10-22 | 11:26 a.m.
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