no orange morning

this morning is tea. tea and spreadsheets on desks. today i am the careful breeze moving between above and almost around turning corners like dry pages and leaning out into the details of work along the way.

there might be a lot to do. there might be nearly nothing.

along the way, very little is known.

so maybe after a while i'll be leans on sofas or noses in books or feet at bicycle pedals and moving on and on into the future laughing a little ipod hooked on hard and some songs are too much to hear at some moments.

of course, it could be nothing.

then, i'm songs not heard in ages and math problems i barely remember. and that's how it is for now. spreadsheets at desks, cups at fingertips, cigarette at lips, phone at the ready. maybe i will be the orange morning again tomorrow.

2008-03-14 | 9:24 a.m.
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