normal, dallas (part two)

story of just one more me: still wakes from strange dreams translating them roughly into reality and wondering how i'd feel or react to such a thing, still makes bed when i wake still smiles at odd times still seems to anyway still waits for the right things still knows the right things always come on their own if you just let them.

but also debates briefly locking the door before sleep also tries to make sense of old ideas tries to see what someone is trying to say even if it seems like they're not sure still misstates things himself also drinks water like most people drink in oxygen also has lots of oppinions- some of them wrong, some of them right- still doesn't know everything still doesn't confuse possible with practical at least still tries not to.

still has a tendency to be self-indulgent in writing still tries to remember not to be still writes something every day even if it's bad still has gaps where i don't still means well most of the time still tries still wants still needs still wonders about the best approach to things still remembers kind things said about my work still remembers unkind things said about it too still thinks some things are best unsaid still knows you can't take some things back no matter how hard you want to still thinks it would be easier if we could just forget the water under the bridge most of the time still knows we can't or won't still carries on rambling sometimes often more often than i should still means to tie the knot in all of it still loves his neighbor still loves strangers still finds miracles in trees and laughter in blades of grass still smiles at nothing at all still enjoys life still gets better and worse at things as a result of practise still has too many faults to name still knows about them still works on them still tries still tries still tries...

what else is there?

2006-04-16 | 1:48 p.m.
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