not so sadly, oprah said it first

so she said her life is a rollercoaster and she loves rollercoasters and i kept thinking how every life worth anything is a series of bounces up and bounces down and drops into the seedy underbelly of the thing.

we keep thinking things might level out but they don't they never would and can't the only way to be to keep going at it to keep doing it is to grin a silly grin and duck at just the right moment (something is probably about to fall on your head) and maybe, if you duck well and lean evenly, you won't fall face first into the mud.

then again, who doesn't love to get a little muddy now and then?

so when she said it i found myself smiling a wide old smile and turning back into the quiet part of the room. songs: ohia provided the soundtrack to all of this and my god, how good he was before the mag/elec/co changeover my god how good he still is but damn the old songs just break me down and out not unlike not at all unlike a rollercoaster.

so here's to rollercoasters, to people you hardly know, and most of all, to things you really want to say but can't figure out how to do it without sounding like oprah.

it sounded better when you said it anyway.

2008-02-26 | 10:23 p.m.
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