oscillation songs

and always finally back to the oscillation of all things the to and from the up to down the out follows in ebb behind flow and on and on the movement of every last tide of tangible times the ever growing sun that blasts us out into the day where night used to roam (these are the same mountains, the same ponds, the same shrubs) and still they fade and rise the way the leaves come and bobble off and grow again grow again death to life the great recycling plan of the cosmos

and you're always in it always sitting by and staring hard and maybe you've never watched maybe your just transfixed and somehow certainly there'll be consequences either way like law and crime, like the way protesters need injustice to keep going the way injustice needs protest to feel secure the way they're always shooting at the imbalance the way the world changes, gasp by gasp, and there are no more ways for stars to glow.

certainly some supernova now will go and pull back into dark stars and some sheets of gray space will burn out and into the seeds of a star itself while the universe expands, declines like rome like england like growing up and growing old if the pattern is still hidden from you it's only because you've been taught not to look trained to pay no mind to what is and only handed pamphlets describing the lost ways the ones that cannot be felt or freed, just waded through mindless to the happenings everywhere- it all goes it all goes and comes back comes back.

like birds south for the winter like birds north in summer like rivers from the earth to the sea like the most basic aspects of human sexuality and interaction falling in love only means rising out of it into something else some more natural way of understanding between people that shuffles through the day through the sound of heavy and light traffic through busy days and lazy afternoons past buzzing factories and long green fields, and all the while, are you there for it?

2008-02-28 | 2:17 p.m.
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