real music, anyone?

In the beginning, music wasn't about saying anything. It wasn't about conveying a message or changing the world. It certainly wasn't about showing everyone how deep you are (as a musician) by only playing dark and depressing songs.

no, in the beginning, it was about one thing: celebrating life. it was about joy and surrendering to a rythym with the people you knew and loved; your neighbors.

I'm not saying i dislike message music and i dig a sad tune as much as the next fella, but i can't help but wonder what happened to that original part, too. I mean, can't we have both?

the funny thing about the "dark songs mean i'm deep" singers and bands is that depressing music, to me, is the most shallow music there is. It lacks total perspective. it only pays attention to the part of life that is displeasing which is only one portion of our existence. often, it's what's on top, it's the most clear and easily visible part of our lives, but isn't that the very definition of "shallow"? doesn't "deep" mean going below the surface, beyond the obvious?

i'm not saying there isn't room for those people, but where are the ones who are actually deep, who are interested in the whole picture?

i want the celebration back.

2008-02-18 | 9:06 a.m.
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