certain skies that cry

of course you make lies better sometimes that truths grow from them and you with your candle eyes and legs that come around wrapping me up wrapping me right up and sometimes, that's how it happens, sometimes that's how you work it up, a slow long circle of smiles and winks lost to the wind that only still exist on the inside of my mind

where they live in a paradise i have built for them

and often, maybe, it's only in my head it's only turning wheels and spinning nights one drink too many one drink to little the opening of doors is subtle as train wrecks sometimes and you are the songs of morning

i am a builder of lost bridges

from me to
and further on until the sky settles the sun lowers and all the barking afternoon winds wash away while the sky cries the sky cries the sky cries and you are why.

it is only
your loveliness that
turns me over.

2008-03-12 | 11:53 a.m.
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