some of these clouds are days

some of these clouds are days,
you just don't know it
you just can't see the way
the light folds around
and tricks the senses

some of these are not letters,
or intended to tell you everything
or anything i never did
like the idea of tearing
out tears or blinding you
with reasons

some of these days are clouds,
just paddling by and making sure
one thing connects to another
like legos or
building blocks that come together
to tell the story
of the sides of buildings
the outer edges of lives
that were or are lived
inside of them or
behind them

some of these clouds are days
spent watching and wondering
how it keeps on going how it
keeps on keeps on keeping on
and we just smile
because we're the lucky ones
who know
the mysteries are more
than enough
to keep us going

some of these clouds are days
and i think i see an
animal shape in my day

what do you see?

2008-01-16 | 1:04 p.m.
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