where most songs come from

anyhow, it gets good sometimes: youíre standing in the rain trying to make a call from a payphone to a girl who stopped loving you ages ago but itís one of those nights when you just need to hear a voice, any voice, you need to talk to someone, one other human being. Thereís nothing you want to talk about you just want to talk and sometimes that happens and sheís the only one you can think of. But she doesnít answer, which isnít so different from how it was when your relationship was winding down, but now should be different, shouldnít it? I mean, she couldnít possibly know itís you, could she? But you know that whether she does or doesnít she isnít answering and the most likely answer is that she is somewhere talking to someone (whether live or by phone) and canít be bothered with whoever it is but you just need just need one voice just now just one human voice to let you know that the world is not disappearing.

2004-10-22 | 12:21 p.m.
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