and a tip of the hat to sorkin (reprise)

you know, i have to say that i have gained a great deal of respect for mathew perry. to be honest, "friends" kind of bored me. but he got the money thing and the fame thing, which sadly is all most actors and actresses are looking for these days. but instead of laying back in his lap of luxury under the admiration of all, he chooses to go for immortality. but not just any kind of immortality, but the kind only associated with artists. he's not there yet, certainly, but if art is your aim as an actor, there really isn't a better way to go about it than by finding yourself as one of the main characters on any project aaron sorkin writes.

i was was given the opportunity to watch the pilot episode (thank you netflix) of the new sorkin show "studio 60 on the sunset strip". i enjoyed it so much i watched it twice in a row. it's shaping up to be the gutsiest project he has ever done. there are several pointed criticisms of everyone from himself and venerable thomas schlamme to every major network on television. and that's just the nice part.

but more than that, as one can always expect from sorkin, you get something different not just from what he has done in the past, but also different from what everyone else has done too.

of course, CBS is more than a little afraid of him so they hired tina fey to make a show with the exact same description. i think it starts next year. it doesn't matter.

anyway, sorkin. and mathew perry. he did a good job in the pilot (which was a second for his work with sorkin) and shows the potential to break free from as big a shadow as an actor can cast in his own time. it's like jerry seinfeld taking a role as the stanley in a remake of "a streetcar named desire". i'd say it was impossible, but with sorkin, i never run out of surprises.

a big nod to both of you. and baby nod to amanda peet, who seems to be doing some acting for once (however little it is).

2006-08-13 | 9:00 p.m.
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