stargazer's song

from some distances
the northern lights
looks like strange
alien fireworks
and that's exactly
how you always seemed to me.

you were the northern lights
and i was the half-blind
backyard stargazer

certainly sometimes
you get to where you
think you know a thing
you think you've got it down
but every time
in every way sooner
or later
you find, to your surprise
that every moving part
every little gesture
has all the mystery
of you
has all the mystery
of the northern lights

at least a little
it's like witchcraft
how you stick and move
around every little thing
i thought you were
(i sometimes still think you are)

it's worth taking the time
to get to know
people, and
it's even more worth
taking the time
to not know them
and that's how i know you:
i know only that
i don't know you at all

you are the northern lights
and i am the mad scientist
pulling at his hair and
wringing his hands

but how else could i want you?

you were strange and
dark and
you were always the northern lights to me.

2008-01-16 | 1:43 p.m.
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