storyteller's song

so then the night, which seethes out and traps you under it's weight. you keep trying to pull free stretch out and find some other way around some other great new approach to all the same old issues (war warms homes, god is not god, etc) and you think because you dried the thing out put in a few notices about how a thing can be looked at this way or that and maybe the puzzle will undrape itself maybe you'll be there laughing and letting the time come on it's own (no need to force a look between folks) and so you know it means more when we look at it like that.

so maybe the night reaches out and snags you by the belt loop maybe your trying to find some other sad way to say you're brokenhearted or that your dog died or that anything anyone wanted to do has probably already been successfully pulled off by someone else, but so what?

why not do it anyway?

and you're trying to tell me how what matters to you is that people get you people understand what you mean what you're trying to say but most of the time in the majority of cases what you're really interested in people agreeing with you.

and why should they?

so i could say let's drop the routine and you could say it's everywhere but maybe if i'm here sitting still long enough, there'll be some other way to live that presents itself, right?

i'm picturing these long dark corridors lined with doors and each one leads to another kind of life and the hardest part the hardest part by far is picking which door to walk through because you can't possibly get through all of them.

so finally at last, the answer to your question is yes, i do on occasion like to tell a story, just not tonight.

2008-02-26 | 8:29 p.m.
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