the story of sunsets and skylines

at some point, mindful eyes
you have to narrow things down
on the close end of your mind

with even eager asphalt smiles dropping
boy looks cold but stands arms wrapped tight
watching the sunset, so fine
the sugar of the sun, leaning down
with a shy grin

i keep drawing down to final points
the way you've got to narrow things down
sometimes somehow everyone everywhere
gets closer and closer and closer to

so that way, when it comes time
to draw things back into crevices and cracks
measure full moons against half moons
and sunrises against sunsets
breezes against gusts and find the music
between one touch and another.

in the end, comes close enough to crying
brings barrells of love outward
down the sides of sloping hills and
these days are the markings of mankind
these days, when measuring the slow curves
or arching eyebrow landslides

two lovers wrapped together

it's easy to find longing in the sky
easy to figure out which worlds are worth saving

easy to figure out which worlds are worth saving.

and bouncing out into the air comes
some small scar of truth like how
sunsets are better than sunrises

(sunrises make too many promises about the day)

and full moons are finer because risings
come and turn your soul around,

these moments measure the days out.

these moments measure the day out.

two cups of coffee, a couple of cigarettes
the blending of fingers with soil,
the marching forth of morning air

two more smiles cut loose and run

2007-05-20 | 5:28 p.m.
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