sitting here pretty quiet all around and listening to ďtelevatorsĒ and letting it carry me one hundred and fifty thousand miles below the sea and through to the sun on the other side.
Itís early this morning yet and the sun hasnít come up totally yet but when it does it will shine holy down on the cedrick and omar for this song as it always does and always will: one of those jams that fits a certain mood better than any other song and I guess Iím in that mood because itís raging through me slow as aspirin but taking over I can feel my skin trembling with certain phrasings and in the way he sings and leaning into the speakers in only an accident but somehow this all is adding up to something just now however indecipherable the meaning of the lyrics is (if there ever was one).

2004-10-22 | 12:44 p.m.
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