tidbits about me

1. i am, in fact, smarter than the average bear.

2. as odd as it sounds, i've noticed that it's a bad idea to play me in chess while i'm listening to van morrison's astral weeks.

3. i've noticed it's probably a good idea to play chess with me while i'm listening to any form of bad music.

4. there's a shortage of sunsets taking place at noon.

5. i do so enjoy the sounds of children playing.

6. nothing fills me with as much pleasure as watching someone else grow as a person.

7. i often get that chance.

8. life is good when things go your way, but it's fair when things go against you.

9. i have blue eyes.

10. a large portion of these tidbits aren't really about me.

11. soup is hardly ever exciting.

12. crayons are fun for the whole family.

13. NPR rocks my nads.

14. the best people listen to jazz.

15. where is hunter thompson when you need him?

16. the two activities i dislike are mating socks and moving.

17. i get a varying degree of pleasure from everything else.

18. eighteen is a better number than people give it credit for.

19. one is not the loneliest number.

20. the birth of fiction.

21. smiles for no reason.

22. oceans.

23. "everyone is, in some way, my superior" - ralph waldo emerson

24. the most fun thing to do is to hear people talk about the things they are passionate about.

25. it's important to be passionate about things.

26. did i already say that thing about van morrison and chess? yeah, that's wierd.

27. last night i dreamt daniel negreanu did a john madden on my card playing.

28. if singers were superheroes jeff buckley would totally be superman.

29. not enough credit is given to bass players.

30. the worst book ever written is better than the best book never written.

31. now, how do you feel about james patterson? who's the better writer?

32. people should use horns more.

33. but only if they don't use them like foreigner uses them.

34. i love laying in grass.

35. wine is definately the best drunk, but it's the worst hangover. this is how everything is.

36. laugh a lot.

37. fuck propper grammar.

38. take time every so often to tell people that you love them. not when it's their birthday or a holiday, but just because you thought of them and they are important to you.

39. the best gifts come on no particular occasion.

40. many people are frightened of turning forty.

41. it amuses me to write numbers out.

42. the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.

43. and the love that loves to love the love that loves the love that loves the love to love the love that loves to love...

2006-08-14 | 7:06 p.m.
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