top 5 fictional detectives

so, if i were murdered and in the after-after god told me i could pick anyone (even fictional people) to investigate my murder, this is who i'd pick (in order).

1. hercule poirot (oh yes, the grey cells)
2. special agent dale cooper (you know, what with tibet and all)
3. phillip marlowe ("i was bored so i worked on a chess problem.")
4. special agent fox mulder (especially if killed by vampires, ghosts, aliens, wolf-people, crazy computers, black oil, primorial ooze, a deadly virus that travels in the air or giant slugs.)
5. adrian monk ( "i like to keep the water levels even."

of course, if i was forced to pick a civilian, i'd pick ferris bueller because that fucker can do anything.

2006-02-25 | 11:37 p.m.
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