wherever i go and me

wherever i go i keep
coming back here
finding myself on some
strange word excursion
that lost it's overall
point a lifetime ago
and now exists only
for the dancing that words
do, for the primal
movements of verbs
that resemble so easily
the grinding of hips
the leaning back of eyes
the taking of one hand
into another

or it's prepositions
that bounce between
above around and out
of every evening building
strange long treasure maps
that lead you somehow
to wherever it is words
go when they tire of dancing.

some for you are nouns
who experience everything
so closely, take comments
personally and hold onto
grudges but also love deeply,
as deeply as words do

and they do, you know

so it's all of this
that keeps me coming back
keeps me coming around
every so often to spark a
few disagreements, ensure
a few final arrangements
and splinter off into the air.

2008-01-17 | 9:29 a.m.
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