girl in the wilderness

and at the coffee house
i was reading gurdjieff
and turned into a "yip!"
sounding out from the
woods nearby
and beheld a strange
angel dancing across
the tops of the foliage
climbing some ancient tree

she had friends with her
surely, but i couldn't see
them anywhere, must
have been obscured by
the trees where they
too, were surely laughing

she was naked from the waist
and which direction, i'll
leave to speculations
by greater minds than mine.

her shadow seemed
to be taunting all
the lonely small creatures
that inhabit such
places and seem to
play their own games

for a minute
she was only one
of them, only one
more laughing creature
in the wilderness
and i loved her a little for that.

2008-02-27 | 4:27 p.m.
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