as words come and worlds unbend

when the words come it's so often so much like getting an erection and feeling it stretch out in your pants feeling it rage outwards and smile its crazy smile poking up to say "i'm taking over. there is no getting around dealing with me." and sometimes, like a fool, i try to unwind the words like turning your mind to something else entirely thinking about cows in pastures or the raw sewage beneath our feet sometimes drops the blood out of you and you can think again in regular ways like wide open eyes and smiling suns.

but sometimes, the words, like hard-ons pulling themselves from between the gap in your boxers, just keep coming out keep coming along telling you that somehow at some point, you've got to look down and sigh: "hello, old friend. settle down a bit."


rage it out pen to page fingers to keys which way the day folds doesn't matter how shining the sea isn't even a factor it's just days rolling by the thing here is frenzy fingers and getting it all down getting it all out until finally, eruption; a ghost explodes and it doesn't matter if it was good or bad, right or wrong, just a thing that came crawling out and had to be addressed.

and you do.

2008-02-25 | 3:48 p.m.
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